Wharton Women

We are gaining momentum with the Wharton Women’s Network!

903.jpgThe Wharton Women’s Network is off to a great start in 2012!! We are building upon the enthusiasm generated at our kick-off event last November. In March we sponsored a Women Entrepreneurship Panel comprised of local women entrepreneurs Shelley Boyce, Maxine Gowen, Lynn Kielhorn, and Gloria Rabinowitz. Those in attendance heard first hand the challenges and rewards of building a business from scratch. The panelists discussed topics including funding, attracting customers, leveraging their networks, and keys to success. We would like to thank Shelley, Lynn, Maxine, and Gloria for spending the evening with us.

For those who were not able to attend, we’d like to share a book recommendation that was shared during the evening: “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton M. Christensen.
We also heard about a local business competition sponsored by KYW. Details will be forthcoming.

Our next event will be a golf outing at the JC Melrose Country Club on Wednesday,
June 6. Whether you are an experienced golfer or haven’t ever swung a club, please join us for an evening of learning, playing, and networking. We will also hear from Jenny Chung, President of JC Melrose Country Club and a fellow Wharton Alumnus. See you soon!

In addition to the Wharton Women’s Network here in Philadelphia, you can connect with Wharton Women alumni at a national level through other social networks:

Linked In