Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society Crandall Challenge


The Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society announces The 2020 Crandall Challenge

The 2020 Crandall Challenge is here. The Crandall Challenge is named in honor of Bob CrandallWG60, former president and chairman of American Airlines.

>> Please follow the link to hear Bob Crandall speaking — listen here.

Bob is a strong believer that Wharton MBAs should give back and do good after their “working years” through both large and small activities that better the lives of others. We agree, and have established the Crandall Challenge to celebrate those Wharton MBA alums who share Bob’s beliefs and have acted on them. Whatever your good works are, or are about to be, large or small, international or national, they deserve attention and recognition. We want to hear them.

Many of your submissions will be recognized on the Crandall Challenge Honor Roll and made available as a source of inspiration for other Wharton MBAs. Through something akin to “best practices,” what is being done by a Wharton MBA in Charlotte, for example, can be re-fashioned and implemented by a Wharton MBA in Houston. If a project is executed in Laos, it can be done in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere. Certain Crandall Challenge submissions will be recognized at Reunion 2020 in Philadelphia with a Crandall Citation.

To make it easier to tell your story, our user-friendly submission form supplies all the details. Remember, submissions will be put into two citation categories — “community-regional” and “national-international” — to cover all good work candidates. If you are just starting out, the document below provides valuable pointers to help get things going.

Please do not be shy about what you are doing. Share it with us by using the online submission form. Remember, this yearly event is not a competition — it’s a celebration of what you, our fellow alumni, do. We are gratified that more of you are doing more every year. Come on board!

Please send your submission to us by March 1, 2020.


Tom HadlockWG66
Chair, Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society





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