Volunteer on a Compass Micro Project

Compass delivers strategic guidance to nonprofits in a growing number of cities across the U.S. For almost two decades, we have viewed the strategic challenges of nonprofit leaders as our own, tapping into the wealth of talent within the business community to deliver the best of business – in terms of both people and practices – to local nonprofits. Compass partners with local professionals who advise local nonprofits, and guide them toward strategic excellence.

Wharton has been an important volunteer recruiting partner for Compass.  Compass was happy to place 15 volunteers with a Wharton MBA and an additional 7 volunteers with a Wharton undergraduate degree for a total of 22 volunteers with a Wharton degree on our Classic projects in Philadelphia in 2019!  Since Compass’ inception in Philadelphia, they have placed from 13 to 21 volunteers with a Wharton MBA on their project teams each year.  

Compass is seeking professionals with expertise in consulting, strategy, finance, marketing, organizational management, and other experience to participate approximately three hours a week from January through May on a pro bono strategy consulting project to support a local nonprofit client. Micro Projects will bring the same value that Compass is known for to nonprofits who face similar strategic challenges but are not ready to engage in a full Classic Project.

To volunteer: Apply here

Deadline to apply: January 9, 2020 at 5:00 pm

For more information about projects visit:https://compassprobono.org/philadelphia/business-professionals/



Beth Dahle, Executive Director

Anne Andres, Program Manager