Support Wharton students at "Off Their Plate" in relieving Philadelphia's front line

A team of 10+ Wharton MBAs, along with other volunteers from across the city, has successfully launched Philadelphia's Off Their Plate initiative, a grassroots nonprofit that gets restaurant workers back on shift so they can provide food for hospital staff. As of the end of this coming week, OTP Philadelphia will have served 4,355 meals in 4 weeks, equaling $43,550 in cash to restaurants and $21,750 to restaurant staff, with plans to serve 4,000 meals next week alone. We are currently serving 15 hospitals and community health centers and will continue expanding our services to hardest hit areas, including skilled nursing facilities and other safety net hospitals. We are working with 6 fantastic women-owned and operated restaurants and emphasizing serving hospital staff that are the least visible on the front line, including EVS/custodial workers, security, etc. 












If you would like to support Off Their Plate, please consider donating here:
Every $1000 donated provides 100 meals for front line healthcare workers and at least $500 in economic relief for restaurant staff.

Please reach out to with any questions, or to learn about how Off Their Plate is making a difference in the Philadelphia community.