Wharton Announces Social Impact Alumni Affinity Club

Hello fellow alumni!

As philanthropists, board members, and employees, Wharton alumni have long been using their Wharton training to address pressing social and environmental problems. In recent years, a growing number of our alumni have also become involved with impact investing, social entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, and other emerging areas of social innovation. The Wharton Social Impact Initiative, launched in 2010, has served as a connector for a growing network of alumni interested in social impact.
We think it is time to create an official Wharton Alumni Affinity Club for those of us deeply interested in using our business skills to create a better world.  This affinity group could serve several purposes:

  • Building a network of alumni for advice, employment, and Board membership
  • Facilitating connections between alumni, students, and faculty
  • Facilitating connections between alumni investors and impact investing opportunities
  • Creating avenues for alumni to advocate for social impact at Wharton
  • Helping generate ideas for future projects and initiatives to serve students and alumni
  • Continuing to strengthen Wharton’s leadership in the social impact space at large


Here are the next steps to launch:

  • Steering Committee: A steering committee will help us to get things moving.  Jem Hudson and Rosalind Copisarow have volunteered to be on the steering committee, but we’d like more members to help us with launching.
  • Officers: We need a minimum of three officers to launch.  Dawn Hines has been a catalyst for this initiative, and has agreed to be an officer for the launch. I will serve as a liaison between the club and Wharton administration.
  • Structure: If we are going to collect dues, we will need to create a structure. But we can identify officers first and then move ahead on the club.
  • Set First Meeting:  The Global Forum is in Miami the first week of March. If we move ahead in the next few months, we could host our first meeting in conjunction with the Global Forum! Depending on level of interest/involvement/attendance, we could plan a reception and panel/content sessions.
  • Goals and Objectives: Create alignment on key goals and objectives among committed alumni members, and outline major action steps and milestones.

Interested?  Please click here to fill out a short form.